Seoul Box

Annyeong! 안녕!

We know that many of you have Seoul, Korea in your next travel bucket list. While we wait for better days and stay safe at home, what better way to experience Seoul than having a box of delicious snacks delivered to your door?
Whether you’re new to or are craving for some Korean snacks, we guarantee that each of our carefully picked snacks will not fail your taste buds.

Masissge Deuseyo! 맛있게 드세요!

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Can’t make a choice? Check out the TASTE ME BOX.
Comes with 5 snacks and a 5% discount on your next purchase!

What Others are Saying

My family and I never tasted any Korean snacks before but we’re huge fans of Korean dramas, more so this pandemic. We can’t wait to get our hands on these snacks while watching Penthouse 3 or listening to an OST from Ailee.
Darren Lee
Team at Ribbon
Thank you Ribbon and Co for introducing a Seoul snack box! 😍😍 low-key missing those days when I get to binge on Korean snacks and K-drama with my friends together. Now I can send them a gift 🎁 of the most popular korean snacks and reminisce the old days on Netflix party 🥢🇰🇷📺
Tan Jil Ee
Consultant for Ribbon
Korean snacks are my all-time favourite! Most of the snacks are coated with massive flavours, crunchiness, they make me so happy! Personally, I’ve never been to Korea, but Korean snacks are something that makes me feel like I should really go to learn all about their culture! If you haven’t tried any Korean snacks, you are missing it!
Tan Kuok Zhen
Consultant for Ribbon
I didn’t realise how strong the K-wave is until I opened the door and let it in. Wanting Korean snacks after watching K-drama is a given. Would love to get my hands on these snacks while watching the dramas on my watchlist!
Divaa Deva