Ribbon Gifting Marketplace – The Platform Perfect For Your All-year-round Gifting Needs

Check out Ribbon Gifting Marketplace

The newly launched Gifting Marketplace provides a personalised and curated gifting experience for you and your loved ones, guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Looking For The Perfect Gift?

Most shoppers have struggled with choosing the perfect gift for their loved ones. Many options are limited and putting together a well thought out gift pack can be time-consuming and stressful. This is why Ribbon Gifting Marketplace has come to a solution to help shoppers connect with their loved ones while giving them a gift that shows that their needs are cared for.

With the newly launched marketplace comes the gift list feature – the solution to all personalised gifting needs. All shoppers have to do is fill out a list of what they think their recipient would like best. This ensures that instead of getting multiple gifts they may not want, they get only the most perfect selection. Here, it gives recipients the ability to choose their own gifts. The aim of this gifting platform is to fulfil the promise of keeping human connection at heart, both for gift-givers and their recipients – this is important especially for special occasions and the festive season.

To make the process seamless, shoppers can interact with the dedicated gifting concierge from team Ribbon to mix and match items from different brands to curate a unique gift box.

Support Local Businesses & Underprivileged Communities

The members at Ribbon Gifting are collaborating with homegrown businesses to feature their products on the marketplace. Gifters have a larger selection of gifts to choose from while supporting local brands and their products. Ribbon Gifting itself being a small business is dedicated to helping other brands get the recognition they deserve through this collaboration – this is why Ribbon is helping with gift packaging, marketing and logistics. They hope to make a positive change for both shoppers and also the community. When shopping with Ribbon, you don’t only put a smile on loved ones faces but also contribute to supporting underprivileged communities, as Ribbon Gifting has always been dedicated to making a positive difference through gifting.

Ribbon Gifting Marketplace ready for Christmas

Christmas Cheer and Free Gifts

So, this Christmas, Ribbon has partnered with eight favourite local brands – Oh Cha Matcha, Jln Theatre Coffee, Cocova, Lifewarehouse, lunarr.co, Zephyrie, Skincare by Anja and The Asli Co. Shoppers can be on the lookout for their unique products here, and they will receive a free item for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Be sure to shop for only the best for the people you love and for more updates, check out Ribbon Gifting’s Instagram page @theribbonandco.

Ribbon Gifting wants to sincerely thank its shoppers for their support, and for making Ribbon Gifting Marketplace their first choice of gifting. They aim to continue to provide a seamless and personalised gifting experience for every occasion, as they continue to grow.

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