How to Use The Giftlist

The Giftlist is a way for you, the gifter (the person giving the gift) to manage potential gifts for your giftee (the person receiving the gift). You can create multiple giftlists for different loved ones. An important feature of Ribbon’s Giftlist is that you can share the giftlist with someone, and that special someone can let you know which gift he/she wants, by just a click of a button.

For best experience, use on desktop.

Adding Gifts to The Giftlist

When browsing our marketplace, you can easily add products to a Giftlist.

You will be prompted to log in or create an account if you haven’t already.

Managing Your Giftlist(s)

When you’re done adding your gifts or would like to check your Giftlist, click on the ‘View Giftlist’ button or the heart icon in the menu bar. The number next to the heart shows how many gifts you have added to the Giftlist.

On the Giftlist page, you can see the gifts you have in your list.

The heart icon in the menu and the ‘My Giftlists’ button allows you to manage All your Giftlists. 

When managing your Giftlist(s), feel free to rename your Giftlist.

If you make your Giftlist private, noone else can see but yourself. 

Sharing Your Giftlist

When you are ready, send the Giflist to your loved one using WhatsApp, email or simply by copying the link.

How Your Giftee Sees It

Your giftee will see a list of the gifts you put in the Giftlist. He/she can browse the gifts you selected to get more information. When your giftee is ready, all they have to do is click on the corresponding button for the gift they prefer.

After that, you will receive and email and your giftee will receive a confirmation that we have alerted you.