The Importance of Gift-giving In A Hyper-Connected Pandemic World

People interacting and sharing over virtual media during the pandemic
Photo Credit: Melissa McFeeters

The world may seem bleak right now, but the spirit of gift-giving continues

The coronavirus has dramatically affected our lives in every way possible – notably with the way we work, shop, spend leisure time and see friends and extended family. As we enter the second half of another unprecedented year, many perspectives have shifted when it comes to gift-giving. Increased isolation and uncertainties have caused an equal need for more meaningful and memorable gifts, especially for the people we care about. 

A quick glimpse into relationship challenges faced during this pandemic is one where international students are not able to travel back home to visit their loved ones. The feeling of homesickness is something I can relate to dearly having been an international student myself in Australia in the past six years. Some students fear the risk of contracting the virus during air travel while some are worried that borders may remain shut to international students after travelling home. Besides students, those working overseas are also struggling to maintain their long-distance relationships with their respective partners and families.

Despite finding various ways to keep our human connections with our loved ones such as through video calls and chats, sometimes it can get exhausting trying to keep up with the “new normal”. One thing we humans know how to do best – and have been doing for thousands of years – is gift giving.

Gift-giving: receiving a beautifully wrapped pink box

How We’re Connecting You to Your Loved Ones

At Ribbon Gifting, our mission is to help you (the gifter) and your recipients fulfill the promise of every gifting occasion wherever you are while keeping human connection at the heart of commerce. 

Through a mobile device or your laptop, you can now reach out to us at any point in time and surprise your loved ones with a personalised and well-curated gift box. All you need to do is to let us know some details of your recipients as well as your budget and from there, we will work wonders with our collaborators to curate something special for your recipients. 

Sending personalised gifts will let your loved ones know that you are thinking of them no matter where you are. Gift-giving not only makes the recipient happy, but the gifter as well. Gifting is also contagious – those who receive gifts are more likely to start sending gifts themselves. And by making someone smile today even if it’s just for a split second, you will feel at ease knowing that you have added just a little bit of joy to the world amidst the pandemic. Imagine how much better the world could be, if we can make someone smile today.

So, can I encourage you to start your gifting adventure with us now and put a smile on the face of your loved ones today. Your gifting journey begins with us at a click of a button: Gift Concierge.

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