About Us

Our Story

The Ribbon team – founder Darren and his co-founders, Ashley, Kee Yew, and Richard, had to re-evaluate and reflect upon what was next for them when the pandemic hit. As 20 something years old who had just moved back from Australia, they got together to think of ways to empower the wellbeing of the Southeast Asian community and to cultivate the spirit of giving back. Thus, the idea of spreading joy through curated gifts led to the formation of the startup, Ribbon Gifting, in April 2021.

The act of gifting is personal and a way to show people that we care for them. However, the pandemic has taught us that intangible gifts such as support, and community can make an impact on the lives of the people around us. As technology has become so integral in human connection, we thought that the art of curated gifts at the tap of a screen could help people show their loved ones they care, wherever they are in the world. Ribbon aspires to enrich the lives of the Southeast Asian community through gifting. Thank you for your support and we are excited for you to join us on this adventure of revolutionising the future of gifting.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Cultivate the art of gift-giving in the Southeast Asian communities towards building a better future.

Our Mission: To help both gifters and recipients fulfil the promise of every gifting occasion while keeping human connection at the heart of commerce.

Who We Serve

Consumers: Gifting is made accessible to everyone with quality, choice, convenience and value at every price point

Local Merchants: Local businesses can count on us for collaboration and together, we will revolutionise the gifting industry

Underprivileged communities: Allow people to make a meaningful and positive impact in the lives of vulnerable children, families and communities through their purchases

Our Team

Darren Lee

Kee Yew Lim

Ashley Soon

Richard Sin